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If you will bear with me, it is very difficult to find a domain registrar which accepts Payza as a payment processor. Payza is very common to most countries unlike Paypal, where most countries are denied. This payment inconvenience has left most bloggers who lives in countries where Paypal is not available inability to own top level domain names.

But, I have good news that I found domain registrar that accepts Payza as a payment processor. The domain registrar is known as Gossimer. They also provide offers cheap hosting plans with 99.99% Uptime Guarantee, reliable & secure servers, DDoS & Spam protection and easy to use control panel Plesk.

Gossimer is the first domain registration that I saw supported liberty reserve, payza and other form of micro payment systems that other domain registration companies do not support. The transaction was fast and smooth, they are a well managed domain & hosting company. They are just wonderful I would recommend them to anyone. I've already got 6 domains from Gossimer, and plan to register a few more. I'm very happy with their service and with the way they treat their clients. Their Customer Support is top-notch in all aspects, with very fast response times and very knowledgeable and helpful staff. I highly recommend Gossimer for your webhosting requirements. If you interest with Gossimer sign up by below banner.

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Google adsense is without any doubt the best program to make money online though pay per click ads. However, it’s not always the best because of features it lacks. Main lacking feature is support. Adsense doesn’t provide with any live/email support to its publishers unlike other similar networks. Thus, many people will be looking for best adsense alternatives once they get banned from adsense or aren’t approved in adsense.

Why Chitika?

Chitika is the leading provider of impulse merchandising services and the company was founded during May 2003. Based out of Massachusetts, the company aids website publishers in generating income via unique, publisher-side merchandising and advertising services and solutions.
Google Adsense vs Chitika

Chitika Inc – Its Origins

When Chitika started, it was mainly a complementary platform to existing publishing or advertising programs and it worked with the usage of extra ad units. These advertising units were completely different from conventional pop-unders and ad boxes that most sites already provided. Rather than display the adverts in the image and textual format as provided by every other service, Chitika offered active boxes displaying targeted items available from diverse manufacturers. Thus, as an example, if a person owned a blog and wanted a particular item, Chitika would display an active box displaying various links for that product along with products from competitors. In case the people purchased some of these additional competitor products, the publisher would receive commissions. Thus, by using premium type ad units, Chitika paved the way for impulse marketing campaigns.

Chitika Ads – How it Works

In its current state, Chitika has transformed into a well-rounded advertising service. The premium type advertising units, also known as chitika eMinimalls, have evolved to advertising units, which reveal adverts in accordance with whatever was searched by people to reach your own website. This is slightly different from the conventional keyword-based advertising because it reveals ads, which are directly contextual with the original search from the user. This novel approach greatly enhances the chances of users clicking on such ads. Chitika continues to offer such services even now and can be an ideal complement to a website already housing banner ads. It can also be successfully used for complimenting other advertiser services.

New Evolution

In recent times, Chitika has evolved far more beyond such services and offers chitika premium ads, which leverages ‘click prediction’ formats and technology in order to reveal specialized, targeted ads once there are enhanced chances of these being clicked by users. This can be a wonderful way to enhance revenues on a website. Chitika is extremely useful for media buyers and advertisers as a platform for reaching out to qualified buyers and consumers online. Chitika serves as a platform for publishers to earn ad revenues daily.

New Features

Chitika has also started two other features as part of its services, namely, ‘list unit’ and ‘mobile code’. The list unit feature is able to adjust height automatically, thereby preventing any unsightly white spaces from showing up on ads. These are rotating ads, which enhance user experiences on a site greatly. Devices of the likes of iPads lend themselves perfectly to such rotating ads and these CLUs can adjust to different screens. The other feature offered by Chitika is called ‘mobile code’ wherein advertisements are designed for usage only on mobile phones.

The advert units from Chitika are search-oriented and help to display specific, targeted products in accordance with whatever people have searched for. These ads are displayed based on whatever the user had searched for before reaching your site. Since such ads are directly relevant to a user’s search intent, they are more likely to be clicked, thereby guaranteeing more revenues.

Chitika Payment

Payment happens through PayPal for a 10 dollar minimum amount or check for a 50 dollar minimum amount. Unlike several other ad alternative services which charge users service fees when chitika earnings are sent through PayPal, Chitika does not charge any such fee. The payment schedule is based on ‘net 30’ mode. As an example, if you have registered on the site on 9th January and accumulated 10 dollar earnings by 30th January, you will receive payment only by February end. The check payments are also sent according to the same schedule.

Payment Proof

To Start Making Money with Chitika, Visit

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Google Adsense Account Disabled? What is Your Alternative?

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